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Summer Newsletter

Summer 2023
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It Has Been a Pink Summer!

Summer has been wonderful, we had some time off with family and friends, and hope you did too.

We jumped on the Barbie train and very much enjoyed the ride.

Most of all though, we have been preparing for what's next...

Holiday Season! We are ready, are you? Contact us today to be ahead of the game. 
Top Stories in Diamond News

30ct. Pink Diamond Garners Record Sum for Tender House
By Rapaport News

A 29.52-carat pink diamond went for more than $8 million at South Africa-based Pioneer Diamond Tender House, the highest price for any stone the company has sold. The fancy-vivid-pink, type II rough — named the Protea Pink after South Africa’s national flower of the same color — raked in $271,307 per carat, Pioneer said Wednesday. Continue Reading 

De Beers and Botswana Have (Finally) Made a Deal. What Now?
By JCK News

In 2011, De Beers and Botswana signed a contract that moved De Beers’ sorting and sales from its traditional London base to Botswana’s capital of Gaborone. At the time, this was hailed as a significant concession. “De Beers bends the knee to Botswana,” said one headline. If De Beers bent a knee during that deal, this time feels like the company was almost brought to its knees. Continue Reading 

Botswana Will Contribute More to Diamond Marketing, De Beers Says
By JCK News

As part of Botswana’s new agreement with De Beers, the country has agreed to increase its support of natural diamond marketing, De Beers chief financial officer Sarah Kuijlaars tells JCK. The new deal calls for state-owned Okavango Diamond Company (ODC) to sell more diamonds mined by Debswana, the jointly-owned mining company. That number will eventually hit 50% of production within 10 years. (It currently sells 25%.) Continue Reading 




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